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Social Conscience Layer (SCL)

Introducing a unique, on-chain feature that directs 50% of transaction fees towards good causes, enabling developers to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world.

How it works

  1. Developers incur a transaction fee when they call specific functions in the SDK
  2. This transaction fee is directly deposited into our SCL, which is its own smart contract wallet
  3. 50% of the transaction fees will be streamed directly to good causes, which have been proposed and agreed upon by a community vote
Please Note

The SCL remains in its testing phase. While transaction volumes are low, funds will be transferred periodically in a gas efficient manner. At present, the SCL smart contract wallet is managed by OPENFORMAT. To maintain utmost transparency, we have provided links to the active SCL wallets for each network in the table below. Whenever funds are transferred out of this wallet, we will promptly announce the details, keeping the entire community informed about where the funds are going and why they are being transferred and/or why any changes to the fee structure are being made.

The decision making and voting of the SCL is being drafted at the moment. More information about how this will work and how you can get involved will be shared in the coming months.

Transaction fees

Refer to the table below for details on each chain supported by OPENFORMAT, including its associated fees, a link to the transaction in which the fee was established, and the current SCL Wallet where all transaction fees are sent. Currently, the fee is set at £0.001~/tx.

ChainFeeSet Fee TransactionSCL Wallet
Polygon Mainnet0.0012 MATICView Transaction0x474aE047Aa502E967A1631fAB74daFe8C6D3EFda
Polygon Mumbai0.0012 MATICView Transaction0x474aE047Aa502E967A1631fAB74daFe8C6D3EFda
Aurora Mainnet0.00000067ETHView Transaction0x474aE047Aa502E967A1631fAB74daFe8C6D3EFda
Aurora Testnet0.00000067ETHView Transaction0x474aE047Aa502E967A1631fAB74daFe8C6D3EFda


The following functions include a transaction fee, which adds a meaningful purpose to their use. By employing these functions, you are not only benefiting from their utility, but also contributing to good causes.

NameDescriptionCode Reference
createERC20Fungible token contract creationView Code
createERC721NFT contract creationView Code
createERC721LazyDropNFT Drop contract creationView Code
mintToFungible token mintingView Code
mintToNFT MintingView Code
batchMintToNFT Batching MintingView Code
batchMintToNFT Drop Batching MintingView Code
lazyMintNFT Lazy MintingView Code
setClaimConditionsSetting NFT Claim conditionsView Code
claimNFT ClaimView Code