To use the blockchain you need an account, which is a pair of keys: public and private.

Public Key

The public key addresses the account. The public key is like your email address or bank account number. It’s used to receive assets (like XP and badges). Public keys are sometimes called account address or User ID.

Private Key

The private key secures the account. The private key is like your email password or ATM PIN. It’s used to send assets (like XP and badges) from your account and must be kept secure.

How accounts work

Rewards and badges live on the blockchain (onchain). The blockchain keeps track of who owns these different assets.

When you transfer an asset, for example when you reward a user, this is known as a transaction. The transaction will assign the asset to the public address of the receiving account, and must be authorised (signed) by the private key of the sending account. This process enables the transfer of ownership of the asset in question, and is cryptographically secure.

To build with OPENFORMAT you need an onchain account. This ensures you own the dApps you create and the assets you generate. You can create an account or connect to your existing account using our Dashboard.


A profile shows what assets a user owns. This could include badges, rewards and all actions a user has completed. There are three ways you can do this - via the SDK, API or no-code integrations.

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