OPENFORMAT is designed for engineering teams to create dynamic reward and gaming mechanics. It offers a suite of tools to simplify the integration of reward systems into various digital products and campaigns.

What we offer:

  • Backend API Clients: Available in multiple programming languages for seamless integration of OPENFORMAT’s infrastructure with your product.
  • Blockchain Data Layer: A user-friendly GraphQL API for efficient querying of blockchain data.
  • Wallet Solution: Simplifying wallet interactions in your applications.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Including implementation guides and illustrative examples.
  • Multi-chain Support: Leveraging the advantages of different blockchains.


OPENFORMAT offers your users a fair exchange of information and interaction, coupled with unrestricted data permanence. We boast an extensive range of features that continuously evolve with each new use case and innovative idea, ensuring you can offer your users unique and cutting-edge digital experiences.

One of goals is to create innovative digital experiences while fostering a fair value exchange for users.

Non-Technical Teams

OPENFORMAT demystifies blockchain development, empowering non-technical team members to independently initiate and refine blockchain-based digital experiences and campaigns. Our intuitive dashboard acts as a command center for product and growth teams, facilitating seamless enhancements and iterative improvements to user-centric experiences.